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previous: John Stokes Jaye, I agree. Everybody here prob... -- 4/23/2000 5:42 PM View Thread

Re: What's keeping Gerald from responding?

4/23/2000 9:26 PM
Dave B.Re: What's keeping Gerald from responding?
As an Ex Torres junkie I must concur with John and the rest. These guys call themselves engineers by have no real tech background what so ever. To qoute one of the VG guru's "to get the brown sound you raise the value of the plate resistor and this lowers the plate voltage, thus the brown sound". Can you believe this guy calls himself "one of the most sought after amp tech in the world? On what planet? These guys can't hang with those that actually understand electronics, so the stay away. And yes John he is a Troll, an evil one who shouldn't be inside anyones amp!

andyfuchs I'd speculate he has more than just... -- 4/23/2000 11:59 PM