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Re: What's keeping Gerald from responding?

4/23/2000 5:42 PM
John StokesRe: What's keeping Gerald from responding?
Jaye, I agree. Everybody here probably knows that Gerrie is given to the use of hyperbole and exaggeration in his advertising, he's been caught in a few technical screwups, and it's been shown that some of his mod suggestions sound like crap. However, IMO, the vast majority of players don't know that, and still see him as the guru of TTDM. That's probably fine by him, since we here are in the minority, and he still has VG spreading his hype. So why should he bother? He probably realizes that he might not win the technical debate, which would be even worse for his status. IMO he's doing the smart thing (for him) by ignoring us. Ditto for Torres, Pittman, etc.

Dave B. As an Ex Torres junkie I must concu... -- 4/23/2000 9:26 PM