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Need EL84 PS Advice

4/23/2000 3:31 PM
Need EL84 PS Advice
I've got a Hammond 270FX (275-0-275 @ 150 ma) I want to use in a 2xEL84 amp. The PT is rated at 275-0-275 at 115 AC input voltage, but I've heard that people are getting close to 300-0-300 at line voltages of 120 or higher (which is what I'm dealing with). Should I use a tube rectifier with a CRC filter and deal with 350+ plate voltages for the EL84's, or might a choke input filter with a SS rectifier work better, which would keep me in the 250 to 300 range for the plate voltage. Will I notice a huge difference in tone with the EL84's running in the lower voltage configuration? I don't care about the potential output wattage drop of the lower voltage configuration, I just want the best sound. Thanks in advance for your help.  

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