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Re: Marshall Jubilee/JCM900 MV/DR Mods

4/22/2000 10:13 PM
Re: Marshall Jubilee/JCM900 MV/DR Mods
thanks!! lots of usefull info. just to fill you in, the 900 is a single channel, not the dual reverb. it's a better sounding amp IMO, but too gainy, and decreasing the gain hasn't been good for tonal reasons. but thats water under the bridge cuz the jubilee is my main amp now and the 900 is for sale. [and back to stock]when i said it's a collectors item, i meant just that, not that that was the reason for buying it. to tell you the truth, i'm thrilled with it as it is stock, but you know how guitar players are--always trying to get that last drop of tone. *S* and since i can take the diodes, or leds out of the circuit very easily, i figure why not. but i thought i'd ask your opinion first to see if you thought it was worth doing. but you gave me lots of other info that sounds good, so i may try some of it. i usually don't even take the components out, but just lift one end or jump them, whatever the case may be. and yes, i WOULD NEVER drill holes in it or make any permanent mods.  
i'm gonna go over all your ideas with the schematic in front of me, and i'll probably have some questions for you. untill then, thank you VERY much. you are a big asset to this board.