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Re: Mesa simul class

4/22/2000 11:43 AM
J.DRe: Mesa simul class
OK,and so how does it work,  
Ok, say if I decouple the two "other" tubes,  
what makes it That "Fake class A kind of thing"?  
Does it just starve the "Simul-tubes"from Bias voltage with the 220k grid resistors, is there any info on this mod somewhere,  
How about the GT soul O with A/B + two CLass A modes,is that anything similar to the MesaB,(Have not seen the schem of that one yet,)  
What if I just switch in a cathode resitor in a certain value (without the Caps) will that push the amp closer to "fake class A" , I am thinking of the method described in Kevin o Connors book,  
he described losely that this is something Boogie does, but I didnīt see any cathode resistors in the Mesa schem.  
I am just curious what makes it work than anything,  
and if it would be possible to push the amp closer to a Cl,A with decent results with just a few mods, I am not talking of a full Cl,A amp here, Just to loose a little odd order dist.  

Ray Ivers Simul-Class rant -- 4/22/2000 2:55 PM