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Re: Amp tone at home and with the band

4/20/2000 4:28 PM
Re: Amp tone at home and with the band
trace had some good comments that i agree with. i see it like this-- the nuances of a great guitar tone only gets lost in the mix if B]-you don't use the gear right, or B]-your gear isn't capable of it. the fact is that B is the reason most of us spend most of our time looking for the "perfect" amp or guitar. to me, few amps are capable of delivering those precious details in a live situation the same as they do at home. my feeling is that the problem lies in the high end.  
we guitarists have a love/hate relationship with the high end part of our sound. it's where the detail of our sound is, and we want to turn it up, but when we do we're often confronted by a thin sound or harshness. this is my feeling anyway, and what i have always fought with. i CAN get the tone i get at home in a live senario, but ONLY with the right amp.this is what i've always looked for in an amp----the ability to yurn up the highs without thinning out the sound or creating harshness. i've found that in a couple marshalls, and the silver jubilee i have now does is wonderfully.  
then theres the midrange. this is the part of the tone that allows the sound to retain it's thickness while allowing enough treble to deliver the necassary amount of treble without the harshness or thinness. and it's not necassarily the AMOUNT of mids you use, but the TYPE of midrange the amp delivers. some amps have a midrange that is open, some more in your face, some are more rich in harmonics, and the frequency of center the mid knob is an important factor. i still haven't figured exactly out what type of midrange is best, but i do know that it it makes a huge difference. the right mid tone will let the high end be dialed in enough to get the goods in the mix with none of the ill effects that plauge many amps.  
this is what i have found to be true for me, and i now have the ability to get the detail and articulation i need to let my sound come thru the mix with flying colors. it took years to get there, but to me it has payed off in spades because when i can hear my tone live, i play a hell of a lot better.  

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