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SPL [sound pressure level] question

4/20/2000 5:09 AM
SPL [sound pressure level] question
the standard of testing a speaker for SPL is at 1 meter and 1 watt, correct? what i've read is that a SPL increase of 3 is something like double the volume. but my question is, how does this translate to real life situation where you're pumping out 20, 30, or even 60 or more watts thru a speaker? at stage volumes where you're using that kind of wattage as opposed to the 1 watt they use to determine SPL, will an SPL of 103 sound as much louder [relatively of course]than a speaker with a 100 SPL as it does at 1 watt from a meter as in the test?  
i ask this because the celestion sidewinder, which a few people have recommended to me, is rated at an SPL of 103, while the EV i'd be replacing is rated at 100. so i fear that i won't be able to get the volume on my amp up to even 1 on the master. right now if i turn it to 3 it drowns out the drummer !but from what 3 people have told me, this speaker is about the only one anyone seems to know of that will give me what i want, but thats a whole other looooooong story. so before i buy one [used--i know they don't make em anymore]i want to know if this will be a problem.  

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