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Re: waddaya think about biasing..........

4/19/2000 4:36 PM
Re: waddaya think about biasing..........
As a side note on these amps: If you decide to ever run these amps as part of a multiple amp set up you will find that the Jubilee is out of phase with pretty much all other amps (Fender's Vox's, Boogies, etc.)  
can you expand on this point for me? i use a peavey classic 30 with the marshall onstage in stereo, and i haven't noticed any out of phase problems. it sounds nice and thick. but i'd really like to hear more about what your saying. for all i know, maybe reversing the speaker leads on one of the amps WOULD make a difference is what you're saying is true. maybe it's just not as obvious for some reason.

J. Vincent Collins Pick up the book:Tu... -- 4/24/2000 1:58 PM