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Re: waddaya think about biasing..........

4/19/2000 2:51 PM
Re: waddaya think about biasing..........
"ok, then how about the tranny in the silver jubilee 50 watter? do you know if it's similar or the same as a regular 800,"
As I recall I think it's a different tranny but it pretty much looks the same as the 800's. Speed might know answer for sure.  
"...and with this tranny and EL34LS at 457 volts, what would you consider a low bias setting that won't compromise the tone while being lower than the max so that the tubes will last a bit better?"
I think 30-32ma is a pretty place to be in my opinion. You can also change the bias splitter resistors to 100K's, as I recall there are 220K's in there now. The 100K's will make your power tubes last longer as well.  
As a side note on these amps: If you decide to ever run these amps as part of a multiple amp set up you will find that the Jubilee is out of phase with pretty much all other amps (Fender's Vox's, Boogies, etc.)  
Hope it helps!  

dale As a side not... -- 4/19/2000 4:36 PM