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Re: how many of you guys OD pedals?

4/14/2000 10:50 PM
Re: how many of you guys OD pedals?
thats what i've been doing for years. i take the signal from the effects loop, and put it to a relay switched pot. then i set the pot to lower the amp's volume a tad, and play it that way. then when i want a volume boost i hit a footswitch that activates the relay and removes the pot's ground connection so it's no longer sending part of the signal to ground. you can do this even without a loop by installing the relay and pot in the amp, and using the signal point just before the driver tube. i use the loop so i don't have to mod the amp. i have a little homemade rack that houses my wireless, tuner and 1/2 rack size processor, so i just put the relay, pot and footswitch jack in there and use the loop signal. has worked great for me for the last 15 years.  

peter In the last amp I built I added an ... -- 4/17/2000 3:42 PM