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Re: speaker question

4/19/2000 3:16 AM
Re: speaker question
you pretty much nailed the description of the EV. sometimes it's great, other times those upper mid tones get to me. i just want a speaker that has that solid punch but without that upper mid presence. but it doesn't have to be 200 watts. when i said high powered i meant a speaker thats not like a 70 or 80 watter or less. something thats not gonna sound flabby and out of comtrol when it gets punished. i've tried the celestion 100, and found it pretty bright sort of like an ev w/o the low end. i don't mean to say just like an ev, but also with too much hi end and solid sounding like an ev, but missing the low end. i determined this in an A/B situation. as you said the amp came with a vintage 30, and i put it back in and will try it, but i always disliked v30's having tried them 3 different times over the years. and i think it'll give me the thing i'm looking for in the high end, but at the price of the solid sound of the ev. i guess i'll not find what i want, but i don't understand why no one makes a speaker that would sound like an ev but without the upper mid "problem" that so many seem to consider the only thing keeping this from being a fantastic speaker.

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