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Re: waddaya think about biasing..........

4/18/2000 7:13 PM
Re: waddaya think about biasing..........
As far as biasing, the 70% rule of thumb is a good "max" point to not exceed in the average amp, but it is not a point which will always automatically sound great, or where you should always set the amp. I think it's a misnomer to consider your amp "10 under" etc.  
For me, the best method is to listen and play the amp, and adjust the bias - being careful not to exceed the max bias current - and wherever it sounds the best is where I leave it.  
It's not a "cut & dry" thing IMO, and since it's the sound you're after, the sound should be your guide (within the confines of the applicable physics that is! :-)

Trace I agree with Speedracer and Liam. I... -- 4/18/2000 7:23 PM