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Re: waddaya think about biasing..........

4/18/2000 6:32 PM
Re: waddaya think about biasing..........
At risk of flames, I actually prefer them a little cold. That's how they came out of the factory, as it was safe and the tubes lasted ages. Admittedly they don't sound too good at low volume, but since I don't use a 1/2 stack to practise at home I can live with it.  
I run my 2203 (485V B+ I seem to remember?) at around 28-30mA per tube at the moment, and it sounds fine to me. That's less than 60% of maximum dissipation. It's not a clean amp, and I like the tone with just a little crossover in there. It's got the nastiness that a rocking Marshall should have. If I wanted a nice MOR rock tone I'd have bought a Boogie.  
Having said that, my 1986 gets quite a bit more bias current, normally 32-34 ma, as it seems to prefer it, and I do a few blues gigs so it doesn't always get driven really hard.  
So yes, it IS worth experimenting with low bias currents. Marshall did (especially in the chinese tube era), and I think when they're biased really hot they lose the great Marshall tone.  
I know people will disagree, it's a matter of taste after all, but you really ought to try it. BTW, the sound stinks at 24 ma, so there's a limit, but it doesn't wear the tubes out!  

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