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Re: modding my YBA-1 Bassmaster!

4/18/2000 5:27 PM
Sean Kilback
Re: modding my YBA-1 Bassmaster!
I understand your respect for this amp Troy! I certainly don't want to butcher it...I love it as-is, I just want to return it to it's original state, if possible.  
This particular amp probably shipped with a tube's got the rec heater taps on the PT, and a covered hole where the socket used to be. The diode board is bolted to the chassis. Due to some replaced component dates, I think it was serviced by Yorkville in '69 when they did this as part of their normal servicing (so I've heard).  
Wouldn't the tube rectifier also induce some sag as well as reducing the plate voltage? From what I've read and experienced, I like this effect.  
Thanks for the ex feedback!  

Troy Gotcha Sean! Believe me I'm not th... -- 4/18/2000 7:53 PM