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modding my YBA-1 Bassmaster!

4/18/2000 3:12 AM
Sean Kilback
modding my YBA-1 Bassmaster!
I've got a '65 Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster I'm thinking of modifying a little. The YBA-1 circuit is almost identical to the 5F6-A Bassman and early JTM45s except it's got 2 EL-34s and a diode rectifyer.  
1. Is it safe/practical/nuts to install 5881's in place of the EL34s? I think I can just readjust the bias and I'm off...are there any wiring or component changes required?  
2. Speaking of the tube rectifier, I'd love to hear from anyone who converted an early YBA-1 that's diode-recified back to the tube rectifier. Is a GZ-34 the best choice? This amp has a PT with the 5V rectifier leads still intact.  
3. On that note, does anyone have a YBA-1 schematic WITH a tube recty on it? I've only got the '66 version with diodes.  
Thanks very much for your input guys!  

peter B+ might be too high for 5881's, t... -- 4/18/2000 2:47 PM
Trace Steve's site has some Traynor schem... -- 4/18/2000 3:05 PM