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previous: dale scott,i had one and... -- 4/18/2000 12:16 AM View Thread

Re: Have I lost my mind?!

4/18/2000 12:40 AM
Re: Have I lost my mind?!
Crate VC......hmmmmmmmm I had one,sold it.Damn!!!!!Did I make a mistake?Maybe,maybe not.I agree that it was good at home but didnt do much live for me either.I also have to bring up the point about this ptp tube snob stuff.I have seen alot of bickering back and forth about pcb's and ptp amps and when I brought the subject up to some techs online that if it wasnt for pcbs how much work would you have?I havent gotten an answer yet.Why is that?The bottom line is we should be thankful WE have choices.Dontcha agree?

Scott But for $200 can I go wrong? I've h... -- 4/18/2000 10:15 AM