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Re: Have I lost my mind?!

4/18/2000 12:16 AM
Re: Have I lost my mind?!
i had one and gigged with it for about a year. i found it to be an amp that sounds far better at home than it did at a gig. the tonal aspects of the amp that sound so desirable tend to get buried in the mix, leaving you with a very lifeless tone. i went back to a marshall combo and it felt like someone opened the gate and the tone just came rushing out by comparison. this of course is what I hear and my not be your experience. but my belief is that there are certain midrange frequencies that tend to let the tone cut thru the right way in a live situation, and amps that don't have that are likely to sound way different live that in the showroom, and sound very different in different rooms. the crate was one of those for me. i did have a few nites where for whatever reason, be it the room or whatever, the amp sounded good. but those were few and far between. i really think that you'll find the amp to be as my experience with it was, but theres only one way to find out. *S*

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