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Big Tubes

4/17/2000 1:50 AM
Psycho Bass Guy
Big Tubes
Anyone here know the status of the Svet KT88? I really like Sovtek KT88's, but what with their recent production problems I'd like to know if Svetlana is offering theirs yet. Also, what are your thoughts on the JJ KT88's?  
It's been awhile since I've been here, but I'm still on my quest for earthquake tone! I fear that transmitter tubes may be my only option for REALLY high power, but right now, it's cheaper to buy up older amps and soup 'em up than make a beast from scratch.  
While I'm at it, is there anything easy to get and match up to a tranny in pentode or UL with an octal base that can outperform the KT88 other than the KT90?  
Psycho >^}

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