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Re: Vibro Champ speaker replacement and mods

4/16/2000 7:23 PM
Tim Swartz
Re: Vibro Champ speaker replacement and mods
I really don't go along with most of the Torres stuff, but about 5 or 6 years ago there was a Champ mod published in VG that really brings these amps to life...The mod claims to give the amp more of a tweed voice...It may actually be better...  
I recently did an all out mod on a VibroChamp shell I've had lying around for a few years...Mostly for a joke...I put 50w iron in it..Seymour Duncan Convertible PT and Boogie OT. I installed a preamp tube socket where the filter cap can was...The rectifier tube socket became the other power tube socket...It currently has cathode biased EL34s (less space required than fixed). It has an LCR 50x50 mounted to the chassis wall (ala Hiwatt and ancient Marshall), and 3 22uFx450s mounted on the board (the vibro gives you a bunch of holes to use)....The 2 vibro knobs are now mids and master. It sounds great through a cab, but I need suggestions for a high powered full range 10...I currently have a prototype Weber in, but it is pretty poor sounding....Any ideas?