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Re: 70s Peavey Classic resistor value

4/16/2000 1:08 AM
Re: 70s Peavey Classic resistor value
Right on Steve!  
Yes the cathode stripe is towards Pin 3. I would say they are optional also. It appears that Peavey manufactured a couple varieties of each style amp.  
So, when a person asks about a particular Peavey amp, it can be confusing. The old Classic is certainly not the same as the newer one for instance. And evidently I have two schematics (versions) of older Peavey Classics that are quite different, both with 6L6's though.  
If anyone else manufactures an amp called Classic, I think I'm going to puke, LOL! Not because they are bad amps. I just think the word Classic is overdone to the max. So, what else is new ... right? Take Care, T.B.