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Re: 70s Peavey Classic resistor value

4/15/2000 10:51 PM
Re: 70s Peavey Classic resistor value
Rob, I have two schematics for the Peavey Classic, one is dated 8-1-75 and the other doesn't have a date. Both have 6L6 power tubes. Both amps have differences.  
Schematic P/N 81501095 - shows what looks like  
to be diode symbols tied to Pin 3 and ground. Pin 3 also connects to one winding of the OT (brown or blue) Might be that they connected this "diode" to pin 8 for convenience as pin 8 also goes to ground. The part # is SR2873.  
This amp has bright, series, parallel and normal inputs.  
The next schematic P/N 81501097 - shows nothing connecting Pin 3 to ground or Pin 8. Both Pin 3's connect to the OT windings (brown or blue) only.  
This amp has a bright and normal channel only.  
Both amps appear to have reverb and trem.  
Hope this helps. You may be able to download the schematic in PDF format by searching on the Peavey site. I know that you can download some manuals and I believe some schematics. I ordered mine by snail mail about four years ago.  
If you still run into a deadend, email me and I'll scan the schematics I have and send them to you. Take care, T.B.

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