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Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?

4/15/2000 7:44 PM
John StokesRe: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?
Wow, interesting expose' on Boob Toobz and the Head Boob himself. You should post this over on AGA. Roy Blankenship, a tech in the LA area, is really jumping on anyone's ass who says anything negative about GT or Pittman. He seems to be a hard-core GT supporter.  
I personally think GT products are WAY the hell overpriced for what they are, I believe their super secret magic mystery mojo matching process is a crock, and I think the Head Boob is so fulla bull he's about to explode.

dale john, you got that ... -- 4/15/2000 7:51 PM