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Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?

4/15/2000 4:44 PM
Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?
good for you !! i had a solo 75 too, and it must have been a hard call to take it back like that, they do sound really good, tho not my cup of tea as far as "type" of tone. but i have had numerous problems with them. the last one was where i bought a pair of 34's at a time when we weren't giging. so i never used them, i just put them in my amp and biased them and the amp sat there for a few months unused. then we started giging again and i got the amp out of mothballs and fired it up. it sounded ok, but seemed not quite right. the gig was a horror story as the amp wouldn't even go to stage volume. one of the tubes was bad.  
so even tho i knew they were out of warranty, i called them and explained the situation. i told them that the paint on the tubes hadn't even slightly changed in color, and he admitted that the paint is specially made for them to change color to designate amount of usage, and that since the paint hadn't changed at all he admitted they could be shure i was telling the truth about this. however, i didn't even expect them to give me a new set. all i wanted was for them to sell me one new tube of a matching rating at thier cost. they wouldn't do it. they wouldn't even sell one to me at any cost!!! the guy on the phone was a decent guy, but he kept turning away from the phone to ask someone [i assume aspen] what they could do for me. when all was said and done, they did nothing for me. so i paid $40 for absolutly nothin. they essentially sold me defective tubes and ADMITTED it, yet told me in so many words i was shit out of luck. great customer relations, eh? !!!! that was the last straw in a long line of problems with them. i consider them the worse company i have ever done business with. abd to top it off, since then i've bought tubes from many other sources and haven't had near as many bad tubes and always end up paying less. i highly recommend anyone who uses groove tubes to consider finding other sources. you'll pay less and get less duds, which is really amazing considering that thier "claim to fame" is selling tubes that have been tested to assure stability !!! out of the the first 4 sets of 34LS i bought from them, 3 sets had a bad tube !!!! one of those being the set in the senario i described above. the other 2 bad set they did take back as they were within the warranty period. at least they did something right.  

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