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Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?

4/15/2000 3:59 PM
Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?
Hi Dale, I also had a bad experience or two with those guys too. Not to bitch to just bitch, but I had purchased a bias probe from them back in the 80's and just a couple years ago I bought a GT Soulo 75 from Guitar Center, and got it home and ran it in the class a mode, and the tubes turned cherry red (I realize in class a it will run a bit hotter) and checked out the bias with my bias probe, it was 80-90 ma. ea. so I called them up on it and told them what was happening, and the guy on the phone said that sounds a little high, he was also talking to the man.... Aspen in the background, and I heard him with my own ears say..... "Those fucking people with those god dammed bias probes... ought to shove them up thier asses" At that moment I decided to hang up and run the amp back to GC. and get my $ back! Also a friend of mine bought a GT speaker emulator, and it did not work (was making strange noises and distorting badly) so we took the top cover off to see if it was a loose wire........ to my unsurprise ;^( they had assembled the unit's power supply filter caps backwards, which had blown them, so we put it back together and he took it back.;^(( I really dont appreciate it when people try to screw people over just to make a $ so my bitching rests! :^)So I tell you people be ware! of The unbias-probed anal extractorhahaha > )) ;^/  

dale good for you !! i had a solo 75 too... -- 4/15/2000 4:44 PM