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previous: Steve A. Dale:  &n... -- 4/15/2000 1:18 AM View Thread

Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?

4/15/2000 1:34 AM
Re: EI factory---gone 4 good, or no?
yea steve, but i wouldn't trust ANYTHING gt says. they now call the JJ EL34 a 34LS. that was the name for the tesla version, but when they ran out they began selling the JJ tube using the same "LS" designation. and these are not the same tube. the LS was made when tesla was still in business,and tho the JJ's are made in the same factory, it is a new company and the tube isn't the same. the tesla version was a dual getter tube with 1 or 2 other diferences. i compared the 2 and the original tesla tube sounds quite different--better. tesla also made another 34, thier standard version which i can't say for sure, but i think it was a single getter tube. the LS tube was a special order that was a joint venture between gt and penta, and was a slight departure from the stock tesla 34. tho slight, the sonic diff was major.  
anyway, the point i'm trying to illistrate is that gt can't be trusted, and will name tubes any way that is profitable. if they call a tube a 7025 and it is from a perticular manufacturer, once the tube goes out of production they'll simple buy a totally different tube and call it a 7025 and they won't let you in on the fact it is no longer the same tube if the former model was popular.  
they guys can't be trusted, and im not judgeing them by one incidence, believe me. i've had trouble with them doing unscrupulous thing for years, and finally decided a while ago never to buy anything from them again.  
sorry if i offended anyone, but i'm just telling it like i see it, and not how i THINK i see it. it's been plain as day to me.

Steve A. Dale: -- 4/15/2000 3:14 PM
Hi Dale, I also had a bad experienc... -- 4/15/2000 3:59 PM