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Re: Mesa/Boogie Nomad 55 opinions, anyone?

4/11/2000 8:57 PM
Jamie Tyson
Re: Mesa/Boogie Nomad 55 opinions, anyone?
My roommate plays a studio DC-2 thru a marshall slant 4-12. It's a 20 watt amp for all practical purposes and it's plenty loud. The clean channel gets a little gritty at band volumes, but it is still really loud. We've also used his DC-2 as a preamp to run a 50 watt fender amp into the marshall cab and we've found that the clean tone is prettier without the bigger power amp. (at low volume) The dirty sound does benefit from higher wattage though if you're into the modern aggressive rock styles like 311, pax217, Creed, etc etc.....  
I would say if you can lug a 4-12 it's well worth the investment because of the sheer tone and volume they can create. I fifty watter is sufficient for any gig I can think of. The Nomad with 6l6'sd should sound similar to the studio I would assume. Also- I am not a fan of using the internal speaker on a mesa- I would use a seperate cab whenever possible.