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Re: max poss voltage on el84

4/11/2000 10:01 AM
Jamie Tyson
Re: max poss voltage on el84
I know this has probly been said by me before but I had a stereo amp that used a pair of el84's on each side. I got it for about 25 bucks because the power TF was blown. After some work I replaced the PT with a much larger one than stock and I used it for months that way. My rig consisted of strat, wah, fuzz face, 4 knob tube driver, boss delay, and TC Elec SCF run into the stereo amp set up rather like a vox, into a pair of 1x12 cabinets. It sounded incredible and I played it for the entire summer and a large portion of both the fall and spring. Here's the cool part. The voltage on the tubes approached 460 volts!! ON CATHODE BIASED EL84's!!!

frank homebrew (ala Hoffman lay... -- 4/12/2000 1:18 PM