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Re: brown trem (was Re: Fender brownface tonestack)

4/7/2000 3:34 AM
Steve A.
Re: brown trem (was Re: Fender brownface tonestack)
    What about using IRF820 MOSFETs instead of at least some of the 12A_7 tubes? Mike Donovan had drawn up some circuits using them that is on my schematics page and I was thinking that it would be cool to keep the same basic architecture as the original, but just replace some of the glass with silicone...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Maybe when you get a chance you could check the schematic and tell us what that "obvious" error was... (BTW was it also on other brownface amps using this tremelo circuit?)  
P.S.S. Here's another idea- how about a standalone brownface tremelo unit that would plug into a passive fx loop ahead of the PI? Have you looked at the Matchless Vibrobox schematic- I was wondering if there were any similarities...

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