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The old amp Bluze

4/4/2000 6:28 AM
The old amp Bluze
Kinda a bit of an editorial here, but deal with it, cuz it's amp oriented *laugh*  
Went to a guitar show over the weekend, and saw an OLD Harmony amp (Don't recall the model number, but it had a 5" speaker just a volume knob, and 3 of the 7pin variety tubes (6au6 style etc *laughs*).. Well I owned one of these years ago, and sold it for like $25 (hey i got the thing for $5 so what the heck!!)... Well, knowing now what I didn't know then, I wanted that amp back.. been kinda pining for it actually.. ti was a very nice low-power amp that had a good little crunch... So I inquired about the price... $150 firm.. talk about enough to ruin a day... Also saw an old silvertone I got for4 $20 a few years ago going for $250.. are prices really this overinflated, or did i get killer deals, or am I just an asshole for letting them old pieces go *laugh*  

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