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tone shaping for dumble..

4/3/2000 11:26 AM
Jamie Tyson
tone shaping for dumble..
I am extremely close to the completion of my dumble clone and I am having second thoughts as to its construction. Right now it is an "early" dumble 50 watter. (no distortion tone stack) My roommate has a mesa boogie dc-2 that sounds very cool for heavy rock stuff. I play everything from Eric Johnson to 311 so the idea of being able to have an amp with the boogie "hi-gain" sound would be great.  
Would the dumble circuit sound at all like a boogie if I switched in a graphic eq in behind the distortion circuit? (and possibly some sort of pre-distortion boost)  
What about making it a four channel amp- clean, dirty with no tone stack, dirty with marshall tone stack, and dirty with "boogie" eq?  
Does anyone know what eq freqs boogie uses for their "heavy" rock sounds? (feel free to e-mail privately if you have schems you are willing to share)  
R.G.- could I use your EQ design with less bands for this application?  

Graydon Stuckey Jamie,Just finish t... -- 4/3/2000 4:38 PM
Steve A. JT:  &nbs... -- 4/4/2000 11:16 AM