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Re: Linkletter apologizes to Gil and Fuchs

3/29/2000 7:53 PM
Re: Linkletter apologizes to Gil and Fuchs
"For you to accuse me of ghost posting with your name is absurd."
It looked to me as though Andy was simply making a statement in general about the net. I didn't think that statement was aimmed at you (maybe I'm wrong--ha,ha)  
"The record shows that someone was posting as you years ago in those, well, non-Christian groups."
Out of curiousity, what is a non-christian group verses a Christian group? Are we talking about Christian amp building groups? I'm not poking fun mind you, I'm just confused is all.  
"As for my email, it is clear where my mail bag sits."
I'm a little more confused now. I assume this was all a misunderstanding as far as what Gil had said about who(?)  
"He who walks behind the rows seeth all."
Is this a quote from the bible I assume? I also assume it's not pulled out of it's original context to make an otherwise debateable point here(?) It sort of sounds like your justifing not posting your email address so you can see all or perhapes spy on people from behind the rows (posts in this case). Maybe I'm reading this wrong but I don't think we need any more hostile/flaming wars here (it's just my opinion mind you).  
"For those who would like to flame me for saying the truth, Please take it to AGA where flames are welcome."
I'm unclear as to what truth you stated, let alone why anyone would find the need to "flame" you for speaking the truth.  
Flaming is usually reserved for those who feel their opinions should be revered as facts (and even then we do not flame people here--ha, ha).  
Now for a Christian man: "Thou shalt not seek seek out conflict nor invite it to another's door step."  
God be with you;  
"This page does not need that rot.  
Ayyyyy Mennnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!  

andy fuchs AYYYYMen Indeed !... -- 3/29/2000 8:07 PM