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Re: Selecting a pwr xfmr?

3/29/2000 4:15 AM
Wild Bill
Re: Selecting a pwr xfmr?
From their catalogue I understood the ratings were for continuous draw. AB of course is not continuous - there's a current swing from idle to full peak power. I had thought that the demand for a guitar signal can't be a continous 100 watt draw but rather some kind of complicated average of the waveform, against time.  
If the peaks are infrequent and of short duration then the filters should be able to deliver - if the peak is too "fat" in time then the caps would "sag" and run out of joules.  
What I'm trying to find out is if I have to design for a xmfmr capable of the highest current demand as if that were continuous, like into a constant load resistor or if I can use a lower continuous rating.  
Did Fender or Marshall use a 400 ma. xfmr for a 100 watt head?

Wild Bill Oh Bruce, I forgot to answer your p... -- 3/29/2000 4:20 AM