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Re: Selecting a pwr xfmr?

3/29/2000 3:32 AM
Re: Selecting a pwr xfmr?
I'd say your still stuck with a powerfull 50 watt amp and only two EL34s with this PT.  
I'd be a little nervous with a capacitor filter supply with this PT.  
BTW, where did you get the info the 279X is rated at 150ma CCS?  
I thought only their "Classic" series PTS were rated in CCS and +150% at ICAS.  
That would be interesting and explain why I can seriously beat a 100ma Hammond with three or four 12AX7s and a pair of 6L6GCs all day long.  
I've abused other smaller Hammond PTs and never had a failure when used in ICAS.  
Keep in mind some of the ham band amps are also cathode driven grounded grid class B amps and use the tank circuit to "fill in".  
That means the tube is idling way lower in current so it seems like the tranny is loaded lighter when the PA is not driven and those big butt filter caps can really charge up and handle the huge voice peaks or the peak envelope power of SSB.  
Try that same setup in CW and you'll see a 50% drop in dead carrier output after a few seconds.  

Wild Bill From their catalogue I understood t... -- 3/29/2000 4:15 AM