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Re: Heater winding @ 6.0VAC

3/27/2000 11:57 PM
Ted Pimm
Re: Heater winding @ 6.0VAC
Thanks Steve,  
I doubt if I would be able to ever determine the intended specifications of this PT. It's good to know that t +/-10% should be OK for the heater.  
Since it's a surplus item I can't be sure, but looking at this secondary leads (vs. the other two) it looks like it has as much higher current handling. I'm sure this PT wasn't intended as an audio amp PT. It should work fine for what I'm hoping to do. I am hoping to make a "November" type amp out of it with two 6L6's instead of EL84's. The two othe secondaries read 115VAC and 255VAC. One I can use as Plate and other as Bias using FW bridge diode rectifiers.  
Thanks again