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Heater winding @ 6.0VAC

3/27/2000 11:25 PM
Ted Pimm
Heater winding @ 6.0VAC
How will tubes respond to only 6.0VAC on the heater?  
I am working on a homebrew amp. I picked up a PT at a surplus shop. This PT has, what I thought was, a 6.3VAC heater secondary. I have tested it (with no load on the high voltage secondary) with only one 12AT7 on the heater circuit (0.3A) and it's reading 6.1VAC. This PT is pretty sizable (bigger than the PT in my BF Bassman) and the ~6VAC winding has slightly heavier guage leads (leading me to believe that it IS probably a high current handling heater secondary). On the other hand I wonder if it might be a 5VAC rectifier winding when the PT is under full load? Any ideas?  

steveR Ted,Heaters can usu... -- 3/27/2000 11:41 PM