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3/27/2000 8:54 PM
Hi there,  
I have a question concerning tubes that are wired up as cascodes. I hope I have that term right, since over here in Germany we call it Anoden-Schaltung. It simply means that the anode is connected to filtered B+, signal is fed to the grid and a low impedance output signal is tapped from the cathode (via cap) which is in itself put to ground thru a 10 - 22 k Ohm resistor. I want to clarify the anode voltages that would work best for an effects loop based on that scheme: Humbleator. I have a copy of the schematics here that unfortunately does not show the anode voltages. I guess that the anode voltage of the input tube (cascode??) should be about 200 - 250 V max, the other (typical tube stage, 100k plate resistor) about 306 V (before plate resistor).  
I would be very grateful for any input on this!!!  
Best Regards,  

Stephen Conner Hi Dominik,That sou... -- 3/27/2000 11:29 PM