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Re: Fuchs Audio????

3/27/2000 5:40 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Fuchs Audio????
I had no intention of bringing out a bunch of crap. I just wondered what people had to say. I am happy with my Two Rock which is a custom 100 watt head that sounds awesome, I have owned 5. Andy sounds like he knows a bit about this stuff like many of you. He also charges a fair price since I can't build an amp myself and will pay to have an amp built right. I have ordered a head from Andy and I bet it will kick ass. I have played Dumbles, Trainwrecks and a bunch of great amps and I like a bunch of them,some not so much. Having one of Fuch's amps will be a nice addition. I have sold a few amps lately and have a void in my playroom! I haven't heard Andy's stuff yet but I will let you all know when I do. As you probably know, Bruno does a Dumble knockoff for $5999. I will take the Fuchs at 1/2 that much or an $800 mod that will get me close and think thats a great deal if it sounds good. For you guys that think you build the ultimate amp and shit on others because it only cost you $700 in parts, people like me pay for knowledge, time and everything from followup service to hopefully a great product. It's all so subjective anyway whats the point of dogging someone who is doing something they love and believe in.