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Fender/Marshall Preamp combo

3/26/2000 5:12 AM
Fender/Marshall Preamp combo
Hey all, been doing some thinkin and instead of attempting to coax fender tones from a marshall style preamp, my next project will have one channel of each. The two preamps will share a common input stage and will just branch off the plate of V1a (one branch driving the fender tone stack and the rest of that circut, the other branch driving the 4 gain stages of the marshall -SLO- style circut. My question is: 1-will the load of the Fender tone stack (and rest of circut) have a dramatic negative effect on the tone? 2-to switch between the two preamps before the phase invertor would it be alright to simply have an LDR in series with the each preamps output? This would be a first for me in terms of 2 almost completely seperate preamps in one head for me so I'd rather know the downsides now than after I spend countless hours completing it.  
Thanks in advance!