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Re: Modern Marshall opinion request

3/22/2000 5:03 AM
Re: Modern Marshall opinion request
Good point, telecommunications equipment certainly is under a lot more stress than amplifiers in terms of "work" done. I've spent a lot of time recently with cell phones, cell phone towers, the RF radios and various test equipment like test phones, lots of laptops, etc. Tube amps are like the stone age in comparison, but they sure sound a lot better! There are an amazing number of glitches, though; it amazes me that a) the phones work at all, and b) the service doesn't cost ten times more. That said, I'll say three more things about amps and then shut up. One, yes, I like old amps better (my favorite Marshall in my possession right now is a '70 Super trem, and an unusual and rare model, too); two, the 4100 I had until very recently really did sound great with Svetlana tubes, and survived a tranny overheating for months that would have fried an older Marshall (maybe that's part of the secret to getting the JCM 900s to sound good, partially fry the tranny? It sure sounded thin and weak *before*); and three, I can't believe that Jeff Beck and I are the only people who can get a good sound out of the DSL. No, it doesn't sound like a plexi, although you can get a sound that's *remeniscent* of a plexi with a more "modern" overtone, and a higher gain version of the same. I still think I'm better off playing live with a DSL than an amp that'll be irreplaceable if something happens to it, and if I can't find some sort of way to make it sound good I need to take up a different profession.