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stupid marshall tricks

3/17/2000 8:03 PM
stupid marshall tricks
Okay, Marshall folks, a few questions from someone who's head is usually more into champs.  
First, Marshalls use linear taper volume pots, right? I understand this is to get loud quick, and be a bit more impressive in the store. Do you have a range where it's just pretty useless to adjust the volume? Anything gained by switching to an audio taper? Anything lost?  
Second, everybody seems to be interested in taming the treble on seventies Super Leads. Is this a strat user thing only? Anyone gone so far as to making a Super Lead into a Super Bass? I'm a strat guy, yet I like my tone thick, so that path has crossed my mind.  
Damn, I just thought I'd go with the little amps, but the way you guys have been talking, I'm thinking about picking up one of those overpowered refrigerator looking things.  
thanks for replies, and damn you for passing on the disease and back problems. ;-)  

Trace q{Anything gained by switching to a... -- 3/17/2000 10:17 PM
Rebel420 q{First, Marshalls use linear taper... -- 3/17/2000 10:22 PM