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McGohan M-10 amp. Any info?

3/15/2000 10:04 PM
DanMcGohan M-10 amp. Any info?
I just got this old McGohan M-10 PA amp and it has some really cool old features. It has a regular phono/RCA input and a weird ~1/2 inch threaded mic input. All RCA: 2 12AX7, 2 6v6, and a 5y3. There is a multi-tap transformer, and you select the output impedance by a pushing in a pin into a tube socket-looking output marked for 8, 16, 250, 500, and 70V. There are two speaker out jacks, both also use a tube-socket like connector. It only has one of the speaker plugs. The filter caps are bundled up in one big cylinder that sticks up from the chassis next to the transformer. There are separate mic and phono volume knobs, (will this work like an old tweed fender if I bridge the channels somehow?) The bass pot has click-in positions, while the others all have a smooth taper. And there's no circuit board. True point to point!?  
As you can tell, I'm pretty excited to get this home and try plugging a guitar into it. Anybody know where I can get new filter caps for this guy?  
The markings outside the cap are:  
Here's a picture:  
Anybody have more information or suggestions?  

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