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Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?

3/13/2000 9:20 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?
[I *think* 5C3?)  
I think that is the version that I'm working on.]  
That's one of my favorites. I would leave the input circuit exactly the way it was designed and just don't plug anything into it that makes the amp sound bad. I had one like that and never had any problems with the input circuit at all. My preference for resistors is carbon-film for stability but carbon comps were stock in that amp so use them if that's important to you. I use 1W or 2W resistors to maintain that "big" resistor look. The original resistors were 1/2W but were much larger than todays 1/2W's. It's hard to find modern 1/2W's with leads long enough to reach across the eyelet board. I also used 630V metal-polyester axial lead coupling caps from Antique Electronic Supply to replace the coupling caps. They sit better than Sprague Orange Drops in a Tweed Fender and sound fine to my ear. Of course anything will sound better than an old leaky one. Most people will steer you toward the Orange-Drops. They are fine caps too - I just don't have an opinion yet if they sound "better" than available axial lead film type coupling caps. I will tell you this - Orange drops are more prone to microphonics than the film caps I've used. This is especially noticable on the input caps of a 5C3.  
This is a great amp when it's working properly. The 5C3 used 6SC7 preamp tubes. Get 6SC7GT's (Glass Tubes)to replace the metal ones.  

Joe D Last nite I measured all of the res... -- 3/14/2000 1:33 PM