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Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?

3/13/2000 8:11 PM
Re: Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?
One thing to watch out for: I believe some of the early models (I *think* 5C3?) had an odd biasing scheme (grid biasing if I remember, which I tend not to) for the preamp that reacts poorly to high volume input. A fuzz box will make one freak in a really bad way. So check what model circuit it is, and if it's the weirdo either just don't use a hot input in it or get it converted to a different circuit spec.  
hope this isn't something I just dreamed up but is at least somewhat correct.  

JoeD >>(I *think* 5C3?) ... -- 3/13/2000 8:30 PM