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Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?

3/13/2000 2:22 PM
Joe D
Very old Fender Deluxe, any advice?
Hello all,  
A friend of mine's mother (used to play lap steel, & still has it) entrusted me with her old Deluxe to 'clean up'. This little sucker is of course tweed, has the TV looking front, 2 instrument inputs & a mic input. The tone knob doubles as the power switch. (I thought that was odd) & has an instrument vol & a mic vol. & a blue Jensen 12".  
Looks like it never had a cap job they are paper & leaking.  
We plugged it in (hey, you gotta die from something)  
the inst channel is dead & the mic is gritty.  
I'm gonna find some new tubes for it & put in new caps.  
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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