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Re: Effect Of Chokes On Tone?

3/13/2000 1:08 PM
Re: Effect Of Chokes On Tone?
Hi Ethan,  
My YBA-1 Bassmaster does not have a choke and it's got plenty of bass and I've been tweaking it to get rid of some of the lower frequencies. Also, at times I feel the upper frequencies sound a little brittle. So, I was thinking of replacing the resistor and adding a choke to see what difference if any might be had.  
However, just in tweaking a few components I've seen changes in tone and feel so maybe the choke thing isn't all that important in my amp. BTW, the resistor is 4700 ohms (nearly 5K). I may do a little experimentation in that area one day. As time permits.  
Take care, T.B.