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Re: Calling All The Top Guns! Need the Schematic

3/12/2000 3:16 AM
Re: Calling All The Top Guns! Need the Schematic
Hi All,  
I also have the TL072 chips in my circa '78 Peavey Deuce. I've got questions about some of the parts associated with the chips. Like for instance, there's a 0.1uf cap going straight to ground on the lead going to the tone stack off of pin 1.  
Seems to me that ought to kill a lot of tone. But, there must still be some tone by the time it gets to the tone stack to make use of. This cap is not connected to the +/- that's mentioned in an earlier post.  
Where can I obtain a copy of the Hotrod Blues Deville schematic? I'd like to compare that schematic with the one I have on the Peavey to better understand the use of these chips in hybrid amps.  
Thanks, T.B.

Steve A. T.B.  &nb... -- 3/12/2000 3:29 AM