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Re: 5150 Circuit Opinions

3/9/2000 5:11 PM
Re: 5150 Circuit Opinions
Thanks for the opinions. Now that I think about it, the last one I worked on was a pain in the ass. Oddball board mounted pots, circuit boards hard to remove to get at, etc.  
I have some old Marshall's that I like a lot, and just sold a SLO-100. Remember that a used SLO is $1500+ and a nice old P to P Marshall is probably $700+. Even a Solo head is about $850, so for a high gain 100 watt amp they're fairly cheap (rightfully so, I guess!). For someone that wants a gainy amp cheaply, I still think they're a good amp. For a well rounded bluesy tone, they're not even in the running. It would be interesting to bypass a gain stage or two and see what happens-  

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