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5150 Circuit Opinions

3/9/2000 2:31 PM
5150 Circuit Opinions
Back to the Peavey 5150 amp, any opinions on what's wrong with this amp? Here's what I hear: it has plenty of gain (too much?) and lots of low end, but something is missing. I think it needs to be more Marshall and less Peavey. So what is the problem? Crummy trannies, cheap caps, or just not a good design? It seems like a good model to modify as they are available pretty cheaply. For what it's worth, I put an adjustable bias in a head once and set it up with EL34's. It didn't do much. It sounded like a 5150 w/a slightly different response. I went back to 6L6 later as I was afraid the power trans couldn't handle the extra filament.  

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