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Re: Tone Stack Clunk: Opinions please?

3/9/2000 1:34 PM
Re: Tone Stack Clunk: Opinions please?
Hi Gil  
Perhaps what gives you the clunk is not the EQ itself (I mean different gains for dfferent frequencies) but the PHASE distortion that goes with it (different time delays for diferent frequencies). This phase distortion would not make too much difference for the sustain part of the notes but it would surely mess with the transients.  
You could try a "phase equalizer" (with a couple of all-pass fiters - like in a BBE sonic maximizer) right after the last TS. Some spice simulations can point you which frequencies need a little more delay to "linearize" the phase curve. Don't seek perfect linearization. The exact phase distortion changes with the controls' settings, so you would need something simple that would be a good compromise for your most used settings.  
If don't like the idea of using op-amps for this you can do an all-pass filter with a single transistor or triode (like in the Univibe).

Gil Ayan q{Hi Gil}Oi... -- 3/9/2000 5:27 PM