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Mesa DC-5 is not working...

3/6/2000 12:34 AM
Mesa DC-5 is not working...
My Mesa DC-5 recently stopped making any  
sound at all. I replaced the output tubes,  
but to no avail. The amp appears to be  
powering up all right, as all the preamp  
and poweramp tubes are glowing orange as they  
normally do. The fuse is fine. Its just that  
when I switch the amp from standby, nothing  
happens. Is there anything simple that I  
can check by myself before taking it to a tech?  
Can anyone recommend a good Mesa tech in the  
Tacoma, WA area?  

Dave M. Danny, I don't know about Tacoma, b... -- 3/6/2000 5:14 AM
Mark Buckingham Try making sure that your fx loop i... -- 3/6/2000 4:10 PM